20 Ways to Lose Your Last 5 Pounds

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Unfortunately we are not all equal before weight loss . What helps a person lose a few pounds can produce the opposite effect in another. Because we are all different, be it at the level of our food preferences than the chemistry of our body, the only effective way to achieve and maintain a

Basic Training Plan to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Fat and Lose Weight

his program is for beginners, for those who are not used to sports, but want to lose weight and stay in top shape. Monday Start with a 5 to 10 minute warm-up by treadmills or bicycles. Then, warm up the muscle groups to train with little weight for 5 to 10 minutes

The 5 Fatal Mistakes For Weight Loss

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Let's be clear, losing weight is never easy and it is not uncommon that there comes a time when one stagnates. No matter how many hours you spend in the room or how well your diet is studied and balanced, sometimes the results do not follow. But before giving up

Lose Your Abdominal Fat After 40 Years

40 years

Do you have bulges in your stomach that you can not get rid of? Are all the tricks to lose 3 pounds fast working less and less well at home? You can blame the hormonal changes and the slowing down of your metabolism that occur over the years. One can

Can Protein Supplements Really Help You Lose Weight

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Supplements and other protein drinks are presented as miracle solutions for women who want to be healthy, lose weight but do not have time to prepare full meals everyday. And with the support of celebrities who tout their virtues, protein shakers have enjoyed a huge boom in terms of popularity. But

Drinking Tea To Promote Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Forget the latest trends in dieting and exercise programs to lose weight. According to some articles and studies, it seems that it is enough to sit still and drink tea all day to lose all your extra pounds. It sounds like an ideal solution ... There's just one small problem

Quick Weight Loss: Make HIIT!

Quick Weight Loss

If you want to have protruding abdominals and swollen arms, an interval training can help you achieve this - especially if opt for some workouts with weights. If there is a magic formula to lose weight, HIIT workouts are surely the closest thing!If your aerobic exercises at low intensity like

8 Tips to Control Your Hormone Levels That Regulate Your Weight

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There are many hormones that control your weight, your fat storage and your appetite. Read on to learn more about these hormones and how to regulate their concentration. RECEIVE IT FOR FREE  I want to receive my ebook and monthly coach tips 1. The Leptin Leptin is produced by adipose cells. It is considered the