Lose Your Abdominal Fat After 40 Years

40 years

Do you have bulges in your stomach that you can not get rid of? Are all the tricks to lose 3 pounds fast working less and less well at home? You can blame the hormonal changes and the slowing down of your metabolism that occur over the years. One can however counteract these phenomena and rewrite the rules of weight loss after 40. Here is how to remedy this:

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  • The bulges in the abdomen: rise in blood sugar. At age 30, 10 to 20% of women are resistant to insulin – meaning that their body does not respond to signals that encourage blood sugar to be absorbed. By reaching age 60, more than half of women are resistant to insulin, due to a decline in estrogen levels.Other hormonal changes, such as raising the level of cortisol, stress hormone, cause the storage of fat in the belly . And the belly fat is not just unsightly. It causes problems, releasing chemicals that interfere even more with insulin. The actual difficulty is that insulin resistance also seems to interfere with your ability to burn fat, which further complicates the fat loss in the belly.
  • The solution: Remove the carbohydrates and stop the madness. Women who are insulin resistant lose 50% more weight when they remove carbohydrates from 60% to 40% of their menu – 8 kilos lost instead of 12 kilos in 16 weeks – according to a study University of Colorado.
  • The abdomen of the belly: problems of sleep. Turning and turning you around all night is detrimental to your ability to burn fat and therefore to lose weight even if you consume very few calories! Women who undergo early menopause frequently complain of sleeping, often for several years, a precarious sleep that is often associated with hot flushes. Guilty party ? Again, hormonal changes: falls in estrogen levels and peaks in the level of luteinizing hormones (LH).
  • The Solution: Yoga A gentle and soothing yoga session (deep breathing, relaxation) will significantly improve the quality of your sleep, as demonstrated in a study by the University of Washington. Just take part in a weekly course and do 15 minutes of yoga each day to avoid hot flashes and night sweats as well as relieve stress – you know, the kind of symptoms that wake you up at 4 in the morning !

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  • The bulge of the belly: disappearance of the muscles Trained, toned, the developed muscles burn twice as many calories as fat. It is the cruel reality, from 45 years, we all lose – also men – about 1% of our muscle mass every year. And this phenomenon accelerates when the estrogen level decreases. Because every kilo of muscle burns about 15 to 20 calories a day, losing several tens of grams here and there leads gradually to the onset of abdominal fat.

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  • The solution: muscle training Get muscles working with dumbbells, elastic bands, weight machines, or your own body weight (by doing pumps, pulling, etc.), this will help you develop and maintain your valuable muscle mass while dieting. The researchers found that elderly people burn up to 12% more calories per day – not to mention what you burn while training! – after 26 weeks of muscle training.

Some physical changes are largely beneficial over time. Which part of your body do you prefer today?