The 5 Fatal Mistakes For Weight Loss

losing weight

Let’s be clear, losing weight is never easy and it is not uncommon that there comes a time when one stagnates. No matter how many hours you spend in the room or how well your diet is studied and balanced, sometimes the results do not follow. But before giving up , take the time to think about how you do things and try to figure out where you could improve. Here is a list of the most common mistakes we see in those who are embarking on weight loss.

# 1 Having the wrong mindset

It seems that if one believes in it, our body can do it!But let’s go back a little  and talk about the state of mind, in itself. Under the pretext that we want to lose a size in two weeks, we will turn to the latest fashionable diet that promises mounts and wonders.After we succeed, we take back our old habits and, with them, our lost pounds. Worse, if one does not even see results (it happens), one feels frustrated and one abandons. That is what we mean by  thinking in the short term .

It is in the long term that we must plan and see things . It’s not just those little pounds you want to lose or the time it takes to get there. You have to see it as the urge to make healthier choices, these small subtle changes in your lifestyle that will make all the difference. And stick to it.

We talk about having a balanced diet , playing sports regularly and, just as important, taking your sleepseriously. A healthy lifestyle will inevitably lead to significant improvements, over time, including, in addition to a drier body, to a much clearer mind, too.

# 2 Not enough to eat

Do not drastically reduce your caloric intake . When there is an extreme caloric deficit, when we give our body less than 70% of the caloric intake it needs to maintain its weight, we face many more disadvantages than benefits. Yes, you will surely lose weight at first, but keep in mind that your body adapts according to energy intake. It is therefore possible that your basal metabolism slows down. And  if you persist in following this draconian diet (less than 1000 calories a day) longer, you will also compromise your muscle mass along, which your body will begin to use as a source of energy.

It is simply the survival instinct of your body, which reacts there to a drastic reduction of energy. He must therefore be made to understand that he is not in danger. How? By decreasing your caloric intakegradually, little by little, and without ever going too low in relation to the “maintenance level”.

In addition, like that, as you will not have all the time hungry, it will be easier to respect your diet and avoid snacking, which is also a big plus for motivation!

# 3 Sentencing the Evil Guilty

When we talk about diet, there is a nutrient that is often blamed: lipids . Nevertheless, simply wanting to lose fat does not mean you should not eat it. This may seem contradictory, but understanding that actually fat can help you lose weight is a big step forward in helping you achieve your goal.

When you eat a food that contains a little lipid (the secret is moderation, of course), chances are that you will feel fuller for a longer period of time and, therefore, less likely we go to nibble a few hours later. In addition, there are unsaturated fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids , which promote a good level of good cholesterol and help to break down body fat while inhibiting the formation of new adipose tissue.

So who is the real culprit? Who really sabotages your diet? Look instead for refined sugars. Many “dietary” or “low-fat” foods can, in fact, contain far more calories than their normal version. All this because the fat has been replaced by sugars and other substitutes – whose nutritional value is practically non-existent – in order to improve their taste. To put it simply, pay close attention to the hidden sugars. Non-fat foods, light foods, sports drinks or sauces, for example, often disguise the empty calories they contain. Speaking of sauces and vinaigrettes: do not smear your super balanced salad and your grilled chicken with bad condiments. Instead, use olive oil, dry spices or picante sauce.

Eat little

# 4 Abuse cardio

Doing enough cardio is actually essential to burn fat .No doubt about that. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is more than one way to proceed. Spending hours on a treadmill is only effective to a certain extent given that you are going to burn calories during workout but not so much afterwards. Moreover, long sessions of cardio with regular rhythm can hinder your muscular gains and exhaust you, in addition to you tired. The solution? Put some chili in your workout withHIIT , called high-intensity split training

HIIT is a much more effective way to eliminate body fat that will allow your body to burn more calories in less time and even after the workout is over. As you can do circuits with body building exercises like squat or pumps, it also decreases the risk of putting your hard-earned muscles at risk.

# 5 Skipping the Muscu

If you believe that weight training will hinder your weight loss, you are wrong. This is surely one of the most popular misconceptions and, therefore, one of the most common mistakes.

First, you should know that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest . In other words, your basic metabolism (MB) is higher. In addition to this, muscu can also alter the composition and appearance of your body. When you only do low intensity cardio, you can actually lose weight, but you will not change much, physically. You’ll just be finer. On the other hand, by strengthening yourself, in addition to improving your progress, you will also look great.

To burn fat efficiently, both during and after training, follow a training program that combines HIIT and bodybuilding and emphasizes compound rather than isolated exercises. Make your choice according to your sporting level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and finish it once and for all with this extra fat!
Disclaimer: The information provided does not replace the prescriptions and supervision of a physician or dietitian.