Depression or burn-out: treatment and prevention


The management of burnout is therefore specific it mobilizes many skills and fits in a unique place. The psychotherapeutic work undertaken through different technique has proved its effectiveness in practice and its effects have been verified by functional MRI judging the forward of the after.Self hypnosis“Power over oneself” :

Learning this technique allows us to regain control of our mental space, to fight against the parasite thoughts that invade it. This personal practice is the vehicle of self-esteem.


Getting back into the pleasure of the moment can be learned. Rest is a voluntary muscle that you will have to re-educate there is no writing without a blank page. Passing through sensations through the imaginary are the source of all action and the vector of meaning that one must give to every thing.


You are involuntarily put into repetitive patterns of thinking habits that you will have to give up to find the freedom to find new ones. Reformulating the mysteries of your life that you have neglected goes through this deconditioning.

The group of words: “A weapon against denial”
We all have this divine faculty to see in the other what we do not perceive at home. This makes it possible to see the obstacles that confront us to better surpass them.
It is surely reassuring to see that we are not alone in this galley, that some have advanced in their steps and even the pleasure of helping others to learn them can surprise you.

You can be accompanied by a personal and professional coach, who will help you to change in the direction you want and to find balance and autonomy.

The coach works with you from concrete objectives related to your present situation. This allows for: in-depth work on oneself, better management of stress and emotions, improved self-confidence and performance, overcoming internal and external barriers to change, developing potential, capacity and creativity, problem-solving and monitoring of personal and / or professional projects, well-being, progress and success.

Coaching can be complementary to psychotherapy.