Why air pollution cannot be taken lightly

Why air pollution cannot be taken lightly

It is one of the biggest reasons for your persistent ill health. An air mask for pollution can help you regain a semblance of your previous fitness.

That the rate of air pollution in our cities and towns has increased is a known fact. But most people are unaware of just how hazardous air pollution can be. Strap on a pollution mask and read on to know more.

What air pollution does to the body

Air pollution is responsible for many ills that plague the human body. Though the nasal cavity has its own ‘mini-filtration’ system in the form of nasal hair to block out dust and dirt, it cannot do much in the face of minute particulate matter, smoke, fine dust particles and toxic gases. In a polluted environment, you end up inhaling these harmful substances constantly. Over time, these pollutants have an adverse effect on the system. Air pollution can cause the following ailments:

Persistent cough and cold: The very first health issue that air pollution causes is cough and cold. The nasal cavity and lungs are exposed to smoke and dust, thus forcing a response where the body tries to discard the pollutants by creating mucus.

Bronchitis: Fine particulate matter may settle inside the lungs and throat, causing inflammation. Soon, problems like bronchitis and congestion are seen.

Heart problems: Prolonged exposure to air pollution has been seen to increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders, leading to strokes, heart attacks, etc.

Diminished capacity of the lungs: With continuous exposure to air pollution, the lungs’ capacity to oxygenate the blood diminishes. This happens when a layer of particulate matter lines the lungs.

Skin and eye disorders: Other problems to occur with air pollution are skin rashes, allergies, dullness and premature aging. Polluted air may also affect vision and cause internal eye problems.

How can you combat air pollution?

Often, the best way to deal with air pollution is to take yourself away from the source of the pollution. Those living in severely polluted cities find that moving to a locale that registers lower vehicular traffic (such as hill stations) and little construction activity, are able to regain their health with exposure to purer air.

However, it may not always be possible to shift cities. In this scenario, you can exercise control over the kind of air you breathe, by wearing a mask for pollution. The mask works on a constant basis to purify the air you breathe by filtering the harmful pollutants out of it.

There are some high quality pollution masks you can try out. For instance, Dettol SiTiShield’s mask for pollution is effective in removing over 95% of the particulate matter, dust and smoke present in the air you breathe. Apart from offering a continuous filtering action to purify the air you breathe, the mask is also fitted with a micro fan to cool down the mask from the inside. Thus, you are always comfortable while wearing it.