Being patient with your therapeutic journey

Your Therpatic

Any psychic suffering is not a depression:

  • A first appointment with one of the doctors of the center makes it possible to establish a clinical diagnosis,
  • Psychometric tests quantifying the diagnosis are carried out as a result of the interview.

To ensure follow-up, contact with the patient’s physician can be made.

One train may hide another:

– Hereditary causes  ,

– Physiological causes  (hormonal, psychiatric disorders, somatic diseases,

– Chemical causes (toxic, drugs),

– Psychological causes  (psychological vulnerability, trauma.

Each of these is subject to specific examinations and referral to specialists working in the structure.

  • Implementation of treatment avoiding relapses.

– Cure of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: a cure consists of 10 sessions with a duration of 15-20 min. It is recommended to maximize the effects of doing one session per day. During this treatment, a team of psychologists will accompany you.

An end-of-SMT checkup is performed with the psychiatrist and an appointment one month later is to be expected.

Successful treatment of SMT opens up for further treatment in the event of relapse. This treatment can be performed in our center or in the hospital.

These cures are usually unique. They can be the object of a second cure in case of unsatisfactory result or to consolidate fragile improvements.

The duration of the effects of MTS depends on the treatment of its causes, in this it must be seen as part of a wider care path.

Often, after a SMT cure, you may be advised to follow-up in psychotherapy.

The goal :

– Treat resistant symptoms,

– Help you overcome psychological difficulties you encounter,

– Preventing relapses.

Our psychologists have different approaches and methods in order to find an adapted and personalized answer to your difficulties. This also allows you to have a practitioner who corresponds to you and who will listen to your request.