Home remedies for getting rid of loose motion

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Loose motion is known as the repeated or access of stools that are watery loose and dilute. Liquid stools are common and are usually not very serious. This can lead to loss of water and minerals from the body. People can have diarrhea once or twice a year. The condition of loose motion is common in children. The loss of body water can cause dehydration. The frequent visits to the washroom may lead to overall health condition also.

It also results in weakness, stomach pain,a loss of appetite, etc.This condition lasts for two to three days usually and one can take care of it with home tonic or any over-the-counter medications. In some cases, it is a painful bowel syndrome or takes place as a result of chronic large bowel disease. Under these conditions, medical treatment is necessary. However, there are some home remedies also that one can try to counter this condition and maintain the strength of the body.

  • Mustard Seeds:

Mustard seed in its composition of elements includesantibacterial properties that help one in dealing and curing loose motion without resorting to medicines, but organically, at home.
• Add one-fourthteaspoon of mustard seeds to a spoonfulwater. Keep it there for an hour.

  • Now drink this water as if you were taking a regular oral tonic.
  • Repeat the procedure two or three times a day to remove loose stools.
  • Pomegranate:

Pomegranate is a fruit that will help reduce the problems of loose motion that one is suffering from.
• Eating the pomegranate seeds during the loose motion will help reduce the symptoms and stop losing the movement. Make sure you eat two fruits a day to reduce loose movements.
• One can also put the pomegranate seeds in a blender and haul out its juice.  To endure valid results one should drink at least three glasses of this juice, thrice a day, daily.

  • You can also drink boiling water with wet pomegranate leaves.
  • Honey:

Honey is a natural medicine that can cure some of the health issues and is much effective in curing the loose stools.

  • Take a teaspoon of fresh, pure honey. It would be better if you get organic honey.
    • Add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and pure honey in a glass of warm water. Mix well.
  • Drink this water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Then repeat the same at least twice a day to cure bladder infection only to ensure results in a short span of two days.
  • Buttermilk:

Buttermilk is considered as a health drink in India and is very effective in soothing the digestive system and getting it back on track. The acid in buttermilk can fight bacteria and germs and soothe your digestive system.

  • Add a spoonful salt and also a pinch of Jeera Powder or black pepper powder or turmeric powder and mix well.One could imbibe the concoction twice or thrice a day in order tocontrol the loose motion.

Via: ehomeremedieshub