Take Suggestions from Jonathan Lauter MD before Taking Medicines for Psychiatric Problems

Taking Medicines for Psychiatric Problems

Most of the physicians and doctors depend on medicines for all the various types of psychiatric disorders that the patients come across. Be it the ADHD or the bipolar anxiety and other different types of depressions, psychiatrists have always relied on medicines in most of the cases. Now the big questions are how these medications work, and how much do they interfere with the normal lifestyle of the human being? That might be a complicated question to answer, but researchers have shown multiple ways how these drugs work affect millions of sufferers across the United States.

Jonathan Lauter MD has been practicing psychiatry for his entire stretch of career, and he never fails to mention the following truth about the medicines to his patients before he starts treating them. He believes that knowledge about these medicines is essential because that sets up the psychosis of the patients. Let’s find some of these facts which might make some difference to the patients next time.

  • There’s a trend that before the diagnosis of any disease, the doctors prescribe for some blood tests and urine tests. But that is something which is not applicable at all for those who are suffering from mental disorder. There is no blood, urine or chemical imbalance exam in practice which can detect the presence of the mental illnesses. In fact, there is no brain scan or X-rays which can help the diagnosis of these mental disorders. There are some symptoms which might hint at the mental disorder, but that is only subject to counseling and diagnosis by the experts.
  • Every industry needs some force for its preservation and growth with time. The entire psychiatry is a few hundred billion dollars of industry and that is enough to let it grow with time. Even though the physicians might not be mercenary while they prescribe the medications, there has been some conflict of interests that has been duly noted. However, Jonathan Lauter MD believes that medicine is something that is not an industry that drools for some profit. The world health medicine looks for a healthier future and not a financially stronger solely.
  • It is quite unfortunate that more than 100 million people across the world have to rely on the drugs to find some relief from the depression and stress. Such a figure is not impressive at all, and definitely, only medicines can’t help people get out of it. Lifestyle is one of the biggest concerns of the psychologists and psychiatrists nowadays, and that makes enough sense because as modern the world gets, worse is the daily routine of the people.

But what concerns more is the death rate due to depressions. Studies have indeed shown that on an average more than 23 individuals commit suicide due to mental disorder every single day, and most of it is due to post-traumatic stress disorder coupled with the inability to cope with civilian life. This is not something the medical world has ever expected, and just medicines won’t help. More and more balance is what the psychiatrists always focus on and must gift a better future.